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"We feel very lucky to have found Greyt Pet Services and DeNae. We have a household with a lot of pets and a lot of needs. We have a very energetic, young boxer, and we have two animals who have medication needs. The pug is also a special needs dog, and requires a lot of care. DeNae did a wonderful job and we came home to happy animals and a house where everything was in order! She cares a ton about the pets and their happiness, and did a wonderful job taking care of everything. We'll definitely use her again and again, and are happy to recommend her to everyone we know!"


"DeNae has been extremely reliable for dog visits and overnight stays. We have been very pleased with her wonderful, caring attitude toward our dog, Bailey."

~John and Carol D

 "Denae is a wonderful petsitter! She is reliable, sweet and dedicated to taking care of all 4 legged "kids"! My Rhodesian Ridgeback, Sadie, is very shy.....but Denae is great with her! I would highly recommend Denae if you need a fantastic petsitter!"

~ Cheryl O.

 "I recently moved to the Denver area and did not know anyone in the area. I am so happy that I found DeNae because I travel frequently and my dog does not do well with boarding. Luckily, I am able to leave Pierre at home with my cat (Annabelle) now. He is more comfortable being in a familiar environment and Annabelle is glad she is not left alone. I know they are well taken care of while I am away and that peace of mind is worth every penny! DeNae is a pleasure to work with and she is always so accommodating with my ever changing schedule. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to have someone take care of their pets like she would her own."

~Yvonne W.

"I had just moved to an unfamiliar place with little to no planning time. I needed a pet for my dog Megan, so I could continue to go to work and not worry about her being pent up in an all day. I got DeNae's number and she has been a true angel for Megan and I (& sometimes my other dog Smokey as well). I called numerous references and they all spoke highly of her, but she even outperformed the ravings from those references! It is immediately evident that she loves animals and is a gentle and kind spirit. I don't know if Megan loves her more or if she loves Megan more, either way, it makes for a happy pet. And a happy owner because I don't ever worry about Megan. DeNae is very responsive and has been flexible when my schedule has gotten rearranged unexpectedly. I have found DenNae to be so reliable and responsible and she treats my dog(s) and house as if they were her own. I really couldn't have asked for more, I would recommend DeNae to anyone."

~ Rose G.

"DeNae has been a true lifesaver for me, my home and my sweet dogs. I travel weekly and have special needs greyhounds that required extra care and attention and DeNae demonstrated extreme patience and affection working with them, even when they were less than perfect - my dogs trulylove her as much as I do! DeNae is extremely reliable with exceptional communications skills so I never worry about any mix ups on days, times or instructions. And I have supreme trust in her when it comes to having access to my home - she is always respectful and leaves it better than she found it - I could not give a higher recommendation than I am for DeNae and I am certain that my dogs agree!"

~ Cassi S.

"Chewy loves DeNae, and so do we. When in her care, we know that he will be treated as if we were there with him. The perks of using DeNae is that our dog can stay in his own home, sleep in his own bed, walk in his own neighborhood and eat his own food. He is always happy to see her. DeNae goes out of her way to make my nervous pooch feel loved when we’re away, bringing him and cleaning up after his messes. You can’t go wrong if you chose to use Greyt Pet Services."

~ Dezarae G.

We trust DeNae 100% with our three animals ( 2 dogs, 1 handsome cat) and that says a lot. Tilley and Bruin are so happy to see her when she comes in the door. They don’t even look back when they go running and jumping into her car and head out for a nice long walk."

~ Amy S.

"We use DeNae when I have to travel for worksince my husband works long days at the office. DeNae is a lifesaver for us and Baxter!! She’s loving, kind and compassionate with pets. Baxter loves to see DeNae and his furry friends when DeNae takes him for a walk. We love DeNae’s reliability, flexibility and love for pets. We feel totally safe having her pick up Baxter for a walk to break up his day. We highly recommend DeNae."

~ Tammy R.

 "DeNae is a wonderful caregiver. She has been the exclusive pet sitter of my dog, Baci for a year. DeNae comes to my home and cares for Baci Monday through Friday while I am at work, and also cares for him on weekends when I am out of town. She is trustworthy, very kind and loving to Baci and so flexible. She makes me life less stressful and I never worry about anything. Baci is somewhat shy with people but he loves DeNae and is very connected to her. I am so grateful for her services."

~ Robin M.

"My cat, Jezebel, has so many special needs, including insulin shots, subcutaneous fluids, and other medications for asthma and occasional ear infections. It seems like I add a new medication every few months. It gives me peace of mind to leave her in DeNae's capable hands. She does an exceptional job and really takes time to give Jez lots of love and attention, and I can count on DeNae to administer all of her meds. It's comforting to know my cat isn't stressed while I'm away and I'm thankful DeNae is there to help!"

~ Maggie M.

 "A few months ago we moved to Castle Rock from the Boulder area. With both of us gone all day we needed someone to watch our little ones. We are so lucky to have found Denae! We procrastinated finding a sitter but when we contacted her she was more than willing to come right out to meet us and start right away. From the first time we met, it was obvious she had a strong love for animals and was very kind.

My two dogs are a handful but she does a great job with them. Every time we get home it is obvious they have been well taken care of.They are in good spirits even after a long weekend being gone up in the mountains. Its gives us such piece of mind knowing that they are ok and someone is at home loving them when we are away!!!"

~ Cameron and Sarah C.

"Thank you to Greyt Pet Services for taking care of Luna during our international vacation! You were so attentive to all aspects of her needs that we hope we can match the love and care you gave her! Please don’t hesitate to have anyone contact us for a reference; everyone should know you are second to none! A million thank yous…"

~Mark and Dani M. 

 "I needed a pet sitter on very short notice and I was terrified I would have to board my fur babies. Luckily Greyt Pet Services came to our rescue!! Without hesitation they made arrangements to be able to stay overnight on a whim. From the moment I met DaNae I felt at ease. She treated my family with love and respect and went above and beyond the call of duty every step of the way. I absolutely love her and I will use her services each and every time I need a pet sitter!"

~Danielle H.

"Thank you Greyt Pet Services for taking such Greyt care of our Lucy girl! We sure are relieved to know she is in such good hands every time we take a little trip. Lucy is very used to being a loved baby girl and thank you for loving her so much. I never feel bad anymore when we travel. Greyt Pet Services gives me peace of mind. Also pics and daily texts... it means so much."

~Peggy and Gary L.

"We would highly recommend the folks at Greyt! We have an adopted shelter dog who is very afraid of strangers. I don't know what we would have done had we not had someone so kind and patient to come and watch after him. All of the caregivers who would be in the house while we were gone came to meet us and our animals ahead of time. They communicated with us throughout our absence, and they were so very patient with our problem child…as well as our other cats and dogs! From start to finish, they did a wonderful job!"

~Stephanie & Robert K 

Please contact DeNae at 303-317-7363 or email:​

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